Friday, June 5, 2009

40% Off All Poser Items At Qraffx

This is a great to grab the poses and other poser items from Qraffx you loved.

ONLY for 3 days from 6th - 8th June, you will be able get 40% off all items in store with a min purchase of $10

Most of the Qraffx artist have decided to drop the prices of their Poser items between 5-30% from this month onwards.

But before the price cut, you can save more with this 3 days only special promotion.
Don't forget, Newsletter subscribers get an extra 10% off the discount total.

So buy something you like or tell your Poser friends about it before the sales ends.



  1. It's a great you have a blog but you may want to include a link to your own website on the post especially when promoting coupons that way people aren't left hanging. Just a suggestion. :-)

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